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Becoming a Dealer

AEE Solar provides the products, training and support you need to succeed. When you become a dealer, you have access to so much more than products. 24/7 online ordering, technical support from industry veterans & leaders, sales & customer service support, to name a few. Apply today and we’ll see you on the other side.

Thank you for your interest in AEE Solar. We look forward to being your business partner. Before you begin your application, please take a moment to read our AEE Solar Terms Conditions and our Shipping Policy.

Requirements to become an AEE Solar dealer

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your application. We thank you for your time and look forward to working with you.

  • You must have a legal business entity as one of the following:
    • A licensed contractor or electrician offering residential or commercial PV solar installations
    • A reseller of solar PV equipment
      * This includes the appropriate license(s) for your state.
      * If you are not an electrical contractor, please provide your electrical contractor partner information on the dealer application.
      *Please input your sales tax ID or Resale Certificate/license number on your application AND email a copy of your resale certificate to billinginfo@aeesolar.com. If you do not have an electronic copy available, kindly fax a copy to (805) 832-6865. Your sales tax ID and a copy of your resale certificate are required to ensure you are a licensed reseller. If you do not have a sales tax ID or a resale certificate, we may be required to collect sales tax. If you only operate in states that do not collect sales tax please leave this field blank. Applicable sales tax will be charged until a valid resale certificate is on file for all orders with a final shipping destination to anywhere in ArizonaCaliforniaFloridaNew MexicoVermont, and Washington. Charges for sales tax will not be refunded on any orders placed prior to receipt of your reseller documentation.
  • You must complete the dealer application, filling in all of the required fields

AEE Solar is a distribution company that provides wholesale solar products to licensed solar installers and retailers. AEE does not sell directly to individual consumers or homeowners, but is happy to provide referrals to our partners. Click this link if you are interested in a referral to one of our partners in your area.

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