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Government and Industrial Remote Power Users...

If you operate a rural or remote facility off the grid – or any location without ready access to conventional power sources – alternative energy is not really "alternative" at all. Under such conditions, system reliability and timely tech support are of paramount importance. And we can help you like few others can.

Our Remote Roots

Founded in 1979, when off-grid was the only kind of solar power there was, AEE Solar was born and bred in remote power applications. Our tech support staff has helped hundreds of industrial and government customers design custom-engineered remote power solutions.

We sell products and integrated solutions for a wide range of industrial and government applications, from large multi-kilowatt power plants to small trickle chargers. Here are some of the more common and effective remote power applications:

Oil & Gas

PV power is the perfect solution for the remote energy needs of the oil & gas industry. These systems are deployed worldwide, delivering reliable electric power for telemetry and SCADA, offshore platforms, monitoring and cathodic protection.


Microwave repeaters, wireless internet systems, mobile telecom are examples of effective uses for distributed solar electric power systems.

Traffic Control

Solar powered traffic signals can be located anywhere it is not practical or cost-effective to install a utility connection. Solar power can be equally useful in an urban setting or on remote stretches of highway. It is the best solution for mobile warning signals and speed monitoring.

Outdoor Lighting

PV lighting systems are often used in parking lots and bus shelters, and to illuminate highway signs.

Vaccine Refrigeration

Vaccine refrigeration systems approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) play a key role in the storage and distribution of vital vaccines and blood in remote areas of developing countries throughout the world.

How to Apply

We are currently accepting applications from qualified government and industrial remote power users. We believe we have the best customer package in the industry. To learn more, see what makes AEE Solar "the only wholesale distributor you'll ever need."

If you have already decided to apply to become an authorized AEE Solar customer, here's what you need to know to apply.