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Locus Energy

Locus Energy

Locus Energy offers pre-packaged metering and communications hardware along with web-based software to provide cost-effective and easy to install solutions for solar PV and thermal integrators. Locus hardware ships pre-configured to upload system performance data to hosted servers. Installers and site owners can then track energy generation via customized web portals.

Installers have access to fleet monitoring tools to streamline operations and maintenance activities. Individual site owners are given logins to portals branded by their installers so they can easily visualize and understand how their systems are performing. The datalogger can communicate over Ethernet, power line carrier (PLC), or cellular networks. Data is transmitted only in outbound sessions over open ports requiring no additional network or firewall configuration. All data feeds are stored in non-volatile memory and then uploaded with unique identifiers to provide maximum flexibility in online data presentation. LED lights indicate communication status without installers having to log in or call home.

The datalogger is housed in a NEMA 3R enclosure for the LGate 101 and 310. The LGate 330 features a NEMA 4 enclosure.

LGate 101

The LGate 101 is a current transformer (CT) based revenue grade residential monitoring solution. It uses solid core CTs to measure power. There are inputs for up to 3 CTs allowing the LGate to measure both solar energy generation and whole-house electrical consumption. It can also gather data from up to 16 3rd-party devices simultaneously, which is collected via RS485 and Modbus RTU protocols.

Hard-wired Ethernet is the preferred connection method, but the LGate also features a built in 110 VAC outlet for easy installation of a PLC adapter or Ethernet bridge.

LGate 310

The LGate 310 is a socket meter based revenue grade commercial monitoring solution for 3 phase 208 or 480 VAC systems up to 320 A. It uses an ITRON Sentinel meter, which communicates production data directly with the datalogger, meter socket is sold separately. Additional system performance data can be collected from optional meteorological sensors as well as inverters with RS485/Ethernet outputs.

Inverter direct monitoring for select inverters, as well as for single phase inverters used in a 3 phase application are also available. System size is limited to 320 A of AC output.

LGate 330

The LGate 330 is a CT based monitoring solution for large commercial installations. The standard configuration consists of an industrial grade datalogger and revenue-grade energy meter mounted inside a weatherized enclosure. All LGate 330s are shipped with integrated disconnect breakers to simplify field installation. In addition, each unit can be configured to aggregate data from a large variety of peripheral devices such as inverters, smart combiners and weather stations.

The LGate uses the RS-485 MODBUS protocol to communicate with downstream devices. Any device that supports MODBUS can be connected and monitored by the LGate. Up to 250 devices can be connected through the MODBUS loop. All data is collected, time-stamped and then stored in non-volatile memory. This interval data is stored locally until the next scheduled upload.
Once the LGate collects and stores performance data from connected devices, it will upload batches of data at regular intervals to the Locus Energy Smart Monitoring website through almost any type of local area network.

Locus Energy L Gate PV Monitoring Systems

Model Single Phase options Item code

Single Phase


L-Gate 101 PV monitoring bundle - 5 years



L-Gate 101 PV and consumption monitoring bundle - 5 years



L-Gate 101 PV additional 5 years


3-Phase - less than 320 Amps


L-Gate 310 PV monitoring bundle - 5 years



L-Gate 310 PV inverter direct monitoring - 5 years



L-Gate 310 PV single phase inverter direct monitoring - 5 years



L-Gate 310 PV additional 5 years



7 terminal meter socket


3-Phase - over 320 Amps


L-Gate 330 PV monitoring bundle - 5 years



L-Gate 330 PV inverter direct monitoring - 5 years



L-Gate 310 PV additional 5 years



L-Gate 330 string monitoring - up to 8 strings - 5 years


Additional Options


Irradiance and panel temperature Sensor



Irradiance, wind, panel temperature and ambient temperature sensors



One time set up reporting fee



On-site support (per hour)


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