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HighLifter Water-Powered Pumps

The High Lifter Water Powered Pump is a powerful water pump designed to move water uphill without using gasoline or electricity. By harnessing the energy of piped water pressure from an uphill source, the High Lifter pump can drive a portion of this water through another pipe to a tank higher than the water source. Pistons provide the pumping action, and water is the only lubricant used. With adequate water and pressure, it can pump up to 1,500 gallons of water per day as high as 300', or it can pump 200 gallons per day as high as 1,000' feet. It can also pump smaller amounts on as little as one quart per minute of source water, and can pump to lower elevations with as little as a 30' drop from the water source.

It is self-starting and requires no lubrication, priming, or tuning, and is quiet compared to gas engine pumps. Due to its light weight, ease of installation, and lack of fuel requirements, it is ideally suited for hilly or remote terrain. Simply run a pipe downhill to your High Lifter from a pond, stream, or spring, lay out a pipe to your high tank, and start pumping. Designed to be installed and maintained by the user with basic hand tools, the High Lifter requires little attention other than filter cleaning for years of service. Depending on how clean the water source is, a High Lifter can operate continuously for 1-3 years between piston replacement service, or even longer if the inlet water is processed through a settling tank to remove grit.

The High Lifter can be effectively used for domestic water pumping, garden water supply, irrigation, range cattle, etc. All High Lifter parts are made of stainless steel, Teflon, and polyethylene, so they are safe for drinking water. As illustrated in the graph, the High Lifter responds to both inlet and output pressure. Because the High Lifter utilizes inlet water pressure to pump water, locating the pump farther down from the water source will yield greater delivery or higher pumping elevations. The higher the upper tank is located, the slower the pump will work. If the upper tank is placed too high, the pump will stall (with no damage to the pump) and no water will be pumped.

To determine how much water will be pumped, find the net lift for either the 4.5:1 or 9:1 pump on the left side of the graph above. Move across the graph horizontally to the right until you cross the curve for the fall (inlet pressure). From the point where lift and fall cross, move vertically down to the bottom of the graph and read the "Delivery (gal/day)" for the type of pump being used. To get this delivery amount, the input flow to the pump must be equal to or greater than the "Flow (gal/min)" at the top of the graph in line with the point where the lift and fall lines cross. If the input flow is less than this number, the output will be correspondingly lower.

Both models of the High Lifter pump are 26" long. 1-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Model Pump ratio Max



net lift


total lift

Item code



1500 gal






750 gal




Rebuild kit for 4.5:1 High Lifter


Rebuild kit for 9:1 High Lifter


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