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Commercial DPW Solar

Commercial DPW Solar

DPW Solar products are made in the USA and can be ordered to fit virtually any module. DPW offers a variety of made-to-order DPW Roof/Ground Mounts, Top of Pole Mounts, Side of Pole Mounts, and Multi Pole Mounts. Compare the dimensions of the module you plan to use with the sizing chart below to determine the module series.

When ordering, be sure to include a copy of the data sheet for the module you plan to use. For modules having dimensions that fall outside of the chart, use the next larger size. Most DPW mounting systems fasten to the modules using the mounting holes on the module frame, therefore, modules without rear-side mounting holes cannot be used with DPW pole mount products.

The High Wind Version upgrade (not available for MPM's) is good for winds up to 130 mph, class C wind zone.
Stainless steel module mounting hardware is provided with all mounts. Stainless steel hardware for the racking assembly is available as an option.

Module Series Sizing Chart

Module Size Range (W x L) DPW Module Series

19-23" x 35-44"


21-26" x 39-50"


22-27" x 56-60"


31-33" x 60-67"


38-40" x 51-53"


38-42" x 58-62"


37-42" x 61-67"


38-40" x 77-78"


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