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If you have questions about applying after reading this page, you can contact a customer service representative at customerservice@aeesolar.com or calling us at 1-800-777-6609, option 3.

OEM Sales and Partnerships

AEE Solar works closely with a variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in any or all of these ways:

  • Solar product development
  • Supply of solar systems, solar equipment, solar components and parts
  • Sales and distribution of specialty solar products

Product Development Assistance

We can help you develop PV-powered and solar-related products for your markets. We've helped our OEM customers develop private label kits for RVs and boats, portable power packs, specialized controllers and inverters, meters and monitors, and other solar-powered products and accessories.

Reliable Product Supply

Whether or not we are involved in your development process, we can provide you with a reliable supply of cost-effective parts and components for your products. We carry hundreds of items you simply will not find anywhere else.

See our catalog, which is currently available online in PDF format, to browse these products.

Established and Growing Sales and Distribution

In many cases, we can also help you distribute your products through our extensive and rapidly expanding North American network of authorized resellers – mostly solar dealers and installers, but also specialty resellers such as RV and marine dealers, outdoor/backpacking retailers and a host of web-based niche sellers – as well as industrial and government customers.

Now is the Time

With rapidly growing worldwide interest in renewable energy, this is an opportune moment to expand your product line to include PV-powered products for your market.

Our three decades of experience in the renewable energy industry can help you avoid pitfalls and build reliable, marketable products. Ask one of our sales engineers about your ideas and needs. All discussions are conducted and held in strict confidence, of course.